promo to 25k~ (:


  • highhhh luvsss i’m finally back and while I was gone I hit 25k and i’m doing a promo cuz 1 ilu guys and 2 I wanna follow more of you babes.
  • I will be promoting the best blogs, and following back a ton. 
  • Re-blogs onlyyy, no likes, && must be following meee,
  • happy stoney sunday xo
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i can’t believe joan rivers has been in hell for two and a half weeks now how time flies

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pacificselkie asked:

What's your go to movie? Like when you're stressed or sad and it always makes you feel better?

I said:


Its not a 90s movie, its just this sick as hell movie about a dude that can like teleport anywhere he wants, they call it “jumping” and like he hooks up with a babe that he had a crush on in high school and all impresses her with his jump powers, and its like a really romantic movie about finding your true love and being able to teleport. like i really like it, i wish i could teleport and fall in love with Rachel Bilson from the O.C…. like idk… 


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